Clayton echard’s The single person recently hosted 31 suitresses, including Tessa Tookes, Human Resources Specialist. The Brooklyn native, 26, is one of the women who received their first rose in the first episode.

Tookes recently shared an article regarding the ABC show, where she spoke about her mental health condition while staying in the mansion.

One of her Instagram stories further pointed out that Tookes was struggling with serious anxiety issues.

Tessa Tookes Instagram Stories (Image via Instagram / tessauce)
Tessa Tookes Instagram Stories (Image via Instagram / tessauce)

The story read:

“I have struggled with the debilitating anxiety of death / aging for the past few years. Imagine me compulsively Googling your parents’ age after I met them to assess how alive / healthy people are at age X and ultimately how much time we all have left.

Tessa Tookes is a musician

Tookes’ father was a popular musician and music is in his blood. She is both singer and guitarist. Tookes’ brother Christian is also a musician and the duo perform under the name “Tookes”.

According to her biography on the network’s site, she is looking for someone with whom to share her passion for music.

His biography further reads:

“She loves big romantic gestures, and when asked what she thinks about love, she says, ‘There is definitely a time to be extra and romance is it!’ She loves going to concerts, spending time in her neighborhood bar and dancing the night away until the sun comes up.

Tookes expects the man of his dreams to be kind, inclusive, and vulnerable. The bio also pointed out some fun facts about The single person wife, declaring that she loves bowling and that she fears red fruits (grapes, apples and raisins).

All about ‘The Bachelor’ Episode 2

The second episode of The single person Season 26 premieres Monday, January 10 on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.

Suitors who will appear in Episode 2 include Sierra, Elizabeth, Kira, Shanae, Mara, Rachel, Marlena, Susie, Tessa, Gabby, Eliza, Kate, Cassidy, Lindsey W., Sarah, Melina, Ency, Teddi, Hunter, Jill, Geneviève and Sereine.

They will have their first meeting in a group and one-on-one with Echard, which will lead to the elimination of some. The next episode of The single person will also be honored by guest celebrities including singer / actress Hilary Duff, singer Amanda Jordan and comedian Ziwe.

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