According to a Bloomberg report, Valerie Capers Workman is stepping down as Tesla’s vice president of personnel. According to her LinkedIn profile, her role will end this month.

Workman joins the Handshake career network company as General Counsel.

Workman was one of Tesla’s foremost black leaders. She was one of the company’s main advocates and has led multiple controversies over racism in recent years.

Additionally, she played a crucial role in directing Tesla’s response to Covid-19.

Workman started in Tesla’s legal department in 2018. Two years later, in 2020, she was elevated to vice president of personnel. She reported directly to Elon Musk.

Under her tenure as vice president, Tesla fought multiple discrimination lawsuits, overcame pandemic outbreaks, and released her first report on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Additionally, she spearheaded the change that allowed employees to use one of their paid days off to celebrate June 17.

Workman was also instrumental in fighting and building mental health resources for the company. Additionally, these mental health resources have come to the forefront of “employee-centric programs” addressing Covid-19 concerns.

Workman’s departure is the automaker’s first significant departure in months.

Tesla has not commented or confirmed who will take the leadership role.