While plans are in place for an international tour, the “Out in the World: Ireland LGBTQ + Diaspora” exhibit is now closed at EPIC: The Irish Emigration Museum. But fear not, there is still a lot more to explore online, including a fantastic resource pack for schools and a dedicated website.

Focusing on the exhibition’s six key themes – exclusion, community, love, challenge, solidarity and return – the website continues to tell the stories of Irish LGBTQ + people who have found love and support abroad. . It also highlights some of the movements and groups to which the Irish have contributed, creating vital visibility and solidarity for marginalized communities around the world.

Along with the website, EPIC has designed a fantastic set of resources that teachers can use as a tool to encourage students to explore human rights issues, learn about the lives of the characters featured, and explore the experiences of minorities.

The resource kit, which was developed in consultation with ShoutOut, is aimed at high schools and is divided into seven sections. Each section offers a range of suggested activities that range from 30 minutes to several hours to 5 week exhibition plans, allowing teachers flexibility in how they engage with the material.

The “My Story, Your Story, Our Story” section invites students to reflect on their own rights as students and the oppression they may feel being imposed on them. They are then encouraged to understand how these impositions reflect issues of human rights violations in a larger global context.

“Discuss, Debate and Define” engages a conversation about migration, emigration and immigration. It explores human rights needs versus wants. It encourages students to reflect on the community and classification of minorities within a community and what it means to be part of the LGBTQ + community. And finally, he explores the impact of discrimination, prejudice and homophobia through this lens.

The “Motivations for Migration” question the factors that influence migration. Colonialism, financial hardship, human rights violations or the desire for better education. As part of this activity, students are encouraged to develop a poster project.

In the “Rights Map” section, students are invited to investigate human rights in a global context with a particular focus on LGBTQ + rights. In the section “Deconstructing culture”, they are led to analyze and question what is presented to them as normal or acceptable behavior, encouraging them to reflect on their own assumptions and prejudices.

The “Bios & Events” section of the pack takes a closer look at the stories from “Out In The World” and some of the characters featured in EPIC’s always-on display. The pack contains printable materials on Eileen Gray, Oscar Wilde, and Albert Cashier as well as couples, Peter Doyle and Walt Whitman, and Eva Gore-Booth and Esther Roper. Each document includes relevant quiz questions and talking points.

The resource pack concludes with a glossary of LGBTQ + vocabulary and a comprehensive resource list, providing essential support material. The program takes a unique and truly unique approach to exploring queer history, human rights and emigration inspired by lived experiences. A much appreciated addition to the current program.

You can access the free resource pack here.

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